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Online Lodging Tax Return

Lodging Tax Returns and payments can now be processed online for the City of Tulsa. If any information has changed, or is incorrect, please make the necessary changes during the online process. If changes need to be made to any account related information that is not available online, please submit your renewal and corrections to Tulsalodgingtax@hdlgov.com.
1. Enter your account number and PIN below.

2. Verify your hotel/motel account information.

3. Provide collected rent to calculate your amount due.

4. Enter the exemptions (if any)

5. Provide payment information.

6. Print a copy of your receipt.

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Enter your Lodging Tax account number.
Enter your online renewal pin number. If you do not have your PIN available, please contact our support center at (539) 233-6136. Click here to have the PIN emailed to the primary contact's email on file.